Tech is Everywhere; Tech is Ubiquitous-- Inaugural Post

o say that technology is everywhere or that it is ubiquitous--our magic word that infiltrates into each of our blogs--is not just obvious, it is an over-redundant redundancy in this age. The reason we've decided to start this blog is because all-to-often we find ourselves scouring the internet for timely in-depth information on new products, their technologies, and design. Instead, we end up finding did-bits of information that together makes something comprehensive. Essentially, this is surfing.

The proverbial "we" mentioned above includes four of us here in Albuquerque with contributors around the world and of course, the more general "we" that includes all of us who create, read, and use information. We hope to bring insight to and well-informed analysis and bring it as unbiased as we can--though each of us has a bias, no matter how small.

As interactive technologies continue to swell our brains and influence every aspect of our lives, we thought it'd be interesting and sometimes funny to write about some of it here. We are avid fans of many other blogs and have special places in our hearts for the folks at Tech Crunch, Gizmodo, CNET, and many others. We also miss Business2.0 when it was thriving and relevent and before we saw it take some turns into obscurity--despite the efforts of Josh Quittner, to us its last true editor.

So what will Tech Ubiquitous blog about? Everything that we find interesting--from alternative energy to space applications, to social media to the latest gadgets. Anything we find interesting that begs to be shared is the general rule. And as far as rules are concerned, we anticipate som elofty discussion and perhaps even some heated debate.

Our first contribution to the blogosphere will follow this post in short order: a side-by-side comparison of the upcoming Apple iPhone 3.0 and the new hardware to come with it, the Android 1.5 platform, and the new Palm Pre. We've looked everywhere for a good comparison between the latest 3G heavy-weights and found many to be ill-informed or, in most cases, completely biased. Moreover, we found the various commentators out there blasting their zealot opinions on a particular phone being the (insert phone name)killer. So, we've put together some metrics and compared the units side-by-side and hopefully didn't let our own biases tell the story, but rather the facts. Let us know what you think.

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